LOCAL ANCHOR is a community platform for parents & family-friendly local businesses. We bring you information on Local Events, CommUnity News, Opportunities to Give Back, What to Do/Eat/Shop & more! Our Facebook group is a place to ask questions and share your ideas and tips on all things local. It takes a village!
Laura Stotland contacted LASSOMEDIA to fix and update her original website in 2019. The website was plagued with outdated software and hosting issues. We ended up recreating the site, with a new theme, the latest version of WordPress and our premium dedicated WordPress hosting. Currently we provide hosting, website updates and maintenance.
Laura is also a marketing wiz and co-founder of Beachside Marketing House. Laura is an event guru, bringing more than 20 years of experience in media, digital and entertainment. Laura has a successful track record executing strategic marketing plans through traditional marketing channels, strategic use of influencer marketing, and a variety of digital platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. LASSOMEDIA highly recommends her services.


SSL Hosting, WordPress, Blog, Photoshop, Event Calendar, Social Media, Email Marketing, Stock Photos, Business Directory

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