LASSOMEDIA is a website development and production studio. We offer high quality websites and services at competitive prices. We view ourselves as partners with all our clients and are committed to helping everyone succeed. We aim to become a regionally recognized brand name, capitalizing on using the latest technologies to make sure our projects are cutting edge. Our goal is moderate growth, annual profitability and maintaining our high standards.


Grenada Relief Fund / Plan!t Now
LASSOMEDIA created a website to help educate the world on the importance of disaster preparedness. Plan!t Now was formed in 2004 after Hurricane Ivan struck the island nation of Grenada. Since 2004 the organization has changed names and has updated their web presence numerous times, but LASSOMEDIA was responsible for their early web and print publications. This is also one of Morgan Freeman’s favorite charities.

Arizona Seaside / Pil Pilegaard
LASSOMEDIA created 22 animated shorts for Pil Pilegaard’s 2007 comedy film ARIZONA SEASIDE (7.8 rating on IMDB). The animated shorts were created in Adobe Flash with art provided by Alex Lugo Art. Once the flash versions were approved, they were exported as Quicktime movies which were then edited into the movie via Final Cut Pro.

Nutritious Movement™ / Restorative Exercise™ / Propriometrics Press / Katy Says / Katy Bowman
LASSOMEDIA created Katy Bowman’s initial website and numerous succeeding versions, LASSOMEDIA is currently responsible for maintaining Propriometrics Press. To learn more about Katy and her universe, please click here.

Alignment B.E.A.C.H/ Breena Maggio
LASSOMEDIA created Breena’s initial informational website and in 2015 revamped it to include a Membership area with E-Commerce functionality. Her website has expanded to include various online amenities, that allow her to offer classes on a global scale. Currently LASSOMEDIA is responsible for her entire online presence. In 2020 LASSOMEDIA helped Alignment B.E.A.C.H transition their live sessions into 100% online via Zoom.  To learn more about her zoom classes, please click here.

Danse Macabre Studios / 10 Worlds Studio
This graphic novel studio was founded in 2001 by Joseph P. Gauthier and Alexander Lugo.  LASSOMEDIA has helped them launch numerous websites in the past twenty years.  We have also created digital video content to go with their projects. Currently LASSOMEDIA is on the board of directors and serves as consultant for all their online ventures.

Silver Spur Little League
Juan Lasso joined the Silver Spur Little League Board in 2017.  He was asked to help Silver Spur with the website, player registration and league/parent communications.  During the past few years he has developed and helped to produce various marketing materials and website graphics used by the league.

Follow Through Sports / Coach Frank Salceda
Coach Frank Salceda hired LASSOMEDIA in 2017 to revamp and maintain their website for Follow Through Sports / PV Breakers (Club Basketball Program).  We currently provide Follow Through Sports with SSL Hosting, Marketing Materials, Website Updates and Maintenance.  We also produced their current logo.

St. John Fisher Parish School (Rancho Palos Verdes California)
Principal Anne-Marie Hudani hired LASSOMEDIA to revamp thier website in 2017.  Currently we are in charge of Website Updates and Maintenance.  We also provide consultations for all of the school’s online needs.  In 2018 Juan Lasso also served on the Marketing Board for the school.

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