Sita Couture
SITA Couture is a sustainable lifestyle apparel company based in Los Angeles, California. We design and manufacture 100% in the USA and create a full range line with eco-friendly materials season to season!
Capturing style, elegance, and versatility not only in the life of the everyday woman, but also in some of the world’s leading resorts, spas, and boutiques.
We believe that fashion is an energy, not an age. We support women worldwide, and encourage a life full of love, dedication, and courage. We care about our women, and the women who buy from us care about the world.
Sita contacted LASSOMEDIA in 2010 to update and continue to build her online presence. Including a site to display and sell her line of clothing. We currently provide Shopify website updates, e-mail marketing and maintaining her e-commerce store running at an optimal level.


Shopify, Photoshop, Email Capture, Social Media, YouTube Videos Uploading and Email Marketing

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