St. John Fisher Parish School

At St. John Fisher, we aim to create an orderly, welcoming environment where each student can experience first-hand the Gospel values of love, peace, and justice, in all members of our School family. Prayer and worship are part of our daily life. Through getting to know Jesus, our students learn the importance of love and respect for all.
We are a caring school with high expectations. We encourage our students to develop their full potential in all areas, through a challenging curriculum, extra-curricular learning experiences, and service to the School, our parish, and our surrounding community.
While we emphasize individual growth and achievement, we highly value the bond between home, school, and parish, which we constantly strive to bolster.
Principal Anne-Marie Hudani hired LASSOMEDIA to revamp thier website in 2017. Currently we are in charge of Website Updates and Maintenance. We also provide consultations for all of the school’s online needs.


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